It is the former Organi Community, but it is now a Municipal Section. In the Municipality of Organi, there are 11 picturesque villages which compose the "face" of a separate community. These villages retain their traditional characteristics, perched on the tops of Rodopi, a breath away from the border with Bulgaria. Organi is the largest village of the mountain with significant activity in the agricultural and livestock sector. The village has many small businesses, a health center, a police station and a pharmacy. The residents are served by the municipal offices operating in Organi. There is also a high school and a boarding school which hosts many of the children that study there. Organi is a settlement that offers visitors an incredible natural beauty. 
It is a settlement near the Bulgarian borders with a beautiful natural scenery. The potatoes which are grown there are particularly famous. 
The village is also very close to the Bulgarian borders. The cultivation of potatoes and beans is predominant and the area is rich in krana. In the village there is a stone arch bridge. In this village all the shades of green are reflected in a completely natural vegetation which is located next to a small stream that passes through the village giving it a distinct image. The virgin beech forest of Ano Brisini is a unique physical path northeast of the village up to the Wind Farm of Organi.
It is a village located very close to the Bulgarian borders. It is one of the charming villages of the Municipality in which the inhabitants live according to a traditional lifestyle, away from the modern world. The village is dominated by the natural beauty. It has many healing sources converting the village and the surrounding area in a natural paradise. In the Kimi village, a few meters away from the last house of the village, one can find the pyramids of Greek-Bulgarian borders where it is possible to observe all the settlements around Greece and Bulgaria, perhaps the most exciting panoramic view during the evening walk from Kimi to the military guardhouse.
It is a small beautiful mountainous village located over Organi whose inhabitants deal with agriculture and livestock farming.
It is a small village inhabited by elderly people. In the village there are houses of stone architecture and the life here has a perfectly natural way. It is an ideal place for trekking.
It is an old village in the mountains. The traditional festival Alan Tepe takes place near this village.
It is north of Organi and near the Bulgarian borders. Characteristic is the potato crop. Mirtiski and the Smigada settlement produce high quality potatoes
Although a few families live here, it is a very important settlement because there are very important structures of traditional architecture. The roofs of the houses are made ​​of stone and straw and constitute the last samples of this type of construction..
They are located 300 meters away from the Bulgarian borders and a few families live there. It is a village surrounded by special natural beauty and healing sources.



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