Unique natural environment ready to welcome you

We invite you to visit the rich natural environment of the Μunicipality of Arriana, which consists of areas with great biodiversity and large number of rare species and habitats protected under the NATURA program. There is also a considerable number of wild life shelters under the provisions of forest law. The protection and promotion of these areas must be linked harmoniously with the human activity that respects the environment as a source of life. This is a particular approach that difficult one meets now in Greece.

Particular characteristics has the natural environment of the Municipality with the dozens of torrential systems, woodlands of oak and beech on the Rodopi mountain range and the unique aesthetic vegetation during the whole year. Τhe senses of the visitor reflect the uniqueness of the natural environment and animal as it unfolds in the eyes of a different way each time, sometimes green and flowery, sometimes more autumnal and dark, ready to welcome the winter, but so enchanting always. In the region, especially in the mountains there are lots of rare kinds of fauna, wild animals and birds. Overall it is a rare ecosystem, free of human intervention to all its features throughout the years.

The uniqueness of the landscape and people’s respect for it  

For the protection of areas that have special ecological interest, as the Municipality of Arriana, the natural “protected areas” have been recognized and further characterized by the applicable national law, within the framework of international conventions and international or European initiatives. In summary, the most important areas are:

Wildlife Shelters

Within the limits of the Municipality of Arriana, the following areas have been designated as such:    
  • Kechros – Kerasia, 26,800 acres 
  • Arriana - New Santas, 6,775 acres
  • Patermon – Ada, 33,700 acres
  • Kallithea - Three Fountains, 82,700 acres 

The Municipality of Arriana includes the following areas of network Natura 2000:

CODE GR1130011-«Valley Filiouris » (ZEP - SPA)

This is an area of 375.66 square kilometers of which the largest part is located in the Municipality of Arriana. It is worth noting that it occupies 42.54% of the area of the Municipality and even covers entirely the Municipality of Kechros. Among the main species of wild birds that have been recorded and consequently define the area as basically protected is the Black Vulture, Golden eagle (1 Pair), Short-toed Eagle (2 pairs), Woodpecker, Balkan Woodpecker, Vlachotsichlono, Semicollared Flycatcher, Griffon Vulture (1 Pair), Aetomachos Asproparis (4 pairs).

CODE GR1130006-«Filiouris River" (TKS - SCI)

This zone mainly follows the path of the river Filiouris (Lissos), which is quite ling and has extensive gullies. A small part is included within Municipality of Arriana at the southern boundary.

Excursions … walking 

Through excursions in the natural environment and among local people one discovers its unique identity and multiculturalism. The surprises for the visitor follow one another, unique experiences, impossible to have in any part of Greece.


The visitor is invited to discover step by step in our mountainous area unique walks and individual routes, whether is a nature lover or not. The locals will generously offer their advice and help the visitors, giving details that no guide and no text can deliver better. 

Meet our place walking in with the residents of our region 

The Forest of Organi, one of the largest in Northern Greece, which occupies 60 acres of land, produces many different kinds of small trees that are used for reforestation nationally. It is an area with dense and particular vegetation, which feeds flora throughout Greece. 

Northwest of Organi settlement, specifically in Kymi settlement, few meters away from the last houses of the village, one can see the pyramids of Greek-Bulgarian borders where it is possible to observe all around the settlements of Greece and Bulgaria, perhaps the most exciting panoramic view during the evening walk from Kimi to the military guardhouse. 

A person can reach the wind farm through the virgin beech forest, the forest of A. Virsini, a unique physical pat . 

The total amount of settlements of the mountainous area of the Μunicipality is located at points of outstanding natural beauty in a green landscape with streams that is a distinct view for nature lovers at any time of the year. Most settlements were developed in areas near water, protected from the snows of winter and give a sense of unique, as they are in complete harmony with the landscape without causing damage to it. 


More than 140 wind turbines are arranged in a vast ridge area, combine the power of nature with the man’s inventiveness and create a Windfarm of great importance and value on the mountains of Organi and Kechros Municipalities. 

Particularly, in the east of the mountainous area lies the Windfarm of Kechros that is one of the biggest in Greece. 

It is a magnificent sight, where technology works in harmony with nature, offering not only services to men, but also a new experience.

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