It is the former Kehros Community and now the homonymous Municipality. Apart from the settlement Kechros, the Municipal consists of settlements as well as larger settlements. Today these areas have the characteristics of a village. Local people moved their stockyards out of the village due to the several difficulties many years ago.Τhen began to make their houses near the stockyards creating this settlement. Today, these villages are small and on the average only inhabited by 5-10 families. The mosque of the village that was renovated has remarkable decoration and it is worth visiting.
The village was established many years ago due to the residence of a few families from the village of Kechros and it is considered one of its districts. The inhabitants deal with farming. It is an area with really untouched nature.
It is one of the districts of the village Kechros. Today a few families live in this forgotten village, which is situated between the mountains. Because of the non-transferability the inhabitants have left the village. Today only two families live here. It is a small village between the mountains with clean environment and a strong smell of thyme.
It is one of the districts of the village Kechros. Today only two families live in the village. It is located in a beautiful location, ideal for trekking, whereas the untouched nature that surrounds the village, it charms the visitors.
It is an old settlement located in the north-west of the Municipality. Today there is also a historic mosque and four stone arched bridges in the village. There is still the inscription of the fountain in the center of the village. The mills continue to operate even today. Also, the tradition "Kirk Kurban" (Forty sacrifices) of Bektasidon is performed with intense participation in the village every year on the second week of June. In this event, they offer guests a traditional meal called "Bakirlama" made from the animals they sacrificed. Also, the big festival "Thousand" is organized in this region every year which consists of wrestling matches with oil, known as festival of Setsek as well. Lots of people come from abroad and the surrounding area to watch the wrestling matches. Native wrestlers and wrestlers from abroad participate in these matches.
It is one of the districts of the village Kechros. It is located between the mountains and its residents deal with livestock. It is a very small village but attracts attention with its different architecture. There is a great distance between the houses of the village. A family lives up on a hill and another family lives on another hill 500 meters away.
It is an old Bulgarian village on the southern slopes of a high mountain. There is no trace of the monastery of which seems to be named. At the north of the village on the top of the mountain there is the Windfarm of Kechros, one of the largest in Greece and the Balkans, and it attracts many visitors.
It is a settlement of the village Kechros located 5 km away from Kechros. Because the villagers lived by farming, they came from Kechros to this village because of the large pastures. It is underpopulated with rich natural beauty.
It is a mountainous village between the mountains with unique natural beauty. The residents of village survive because of farming. In the village the stone architecture is dominated. There are two mosques in the village as the old mosque of the village was not demolished and the new one was built next to this one. It is an important village that worth visiting by scientists who want to study the structure of the religious architecture of the area.
It is a settlement of Bektashi located near the village of Kechros. In this village the religious rite of sacrifice is organized every year, but its story is not known. Today two families live in the village permanently.
It is one of the oldest villages of the area. Only a few elderly people and families dealing with livestock live in the village. Every year the sacrifice of Ali Bampa is organized in the village. This sacrifice is one of the most important traditions for the Bektashi and a large number of visitors come from abroad and the region to attend it.
Today nobody lives in the village. Many buildings have been destroyed, but it is possible to see samples of stone architecture in the area. At a distance of 1km to the north of the village, in the cemetery, there is the tomb of the founder of the village. Each year they often sacrifice animals in the name of Canberra Dad in the area of the cemetery. The food is distributed to the visitors who come..



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