The history and culture of the area

A unique experience of true coexistence and understanding

Thrace is a crossroad of cultures reflected in the people’s daily lives and events. Our daily life dissolves every negative myth that has been created for our region and promotes the coexistence and love for our area. The visitor who comes to our region can experience that effortlessly. The Municipality of Arriana is a characteristic example, as the vast majority of the inhabitants are Muslims and the culture of the area has been accordingly formed. So, the visitor has the opportunity to see the influence of the Muslim religion, Byzantine and Ottoman history as well as the Thracian tradition. And all these take place in the Greek and European reality, are expressed with respect to the tradition and the natural environment, satisfying the modern needs. A unique experience that all deserve to enjoy and can taste in every expression of life and much more of the interaction with the local people.

Meet our celebrations and our tradition

According to the initiative of the Municipality and in collaboration with the Cultural Associations, of our area numerous cultural events, concerts, dancing performances, traditional festivals, etc. are organized every year during the summer. The most important events which take place within the limits of the Municipality are cultural events in "Alan Tepe" and "Chilia" area. These events - festivals have their origin in ancient Thracian tradition and until today fascinate participants and visitors.

“Alan Tepe" Festival


In Alan Tepe area, north of the Drosia settlement in the Municipality of Organi, the historic festival Alan Tepe takes place every time at the end August, a tradition which lasts, as they say, 650 years. Initially in the festival, except for the fighting events, there was a huge open-air bazaar where the residents of the region could meet and exchange news and discuss their problems. Today the festival has evolved into a space for cultural events and oil-wrestling. The feast is a unique spectacle for thousands of local and foreign visitors from Bulgaria and Turkey that have the opportunity to taste the plentiful local delicacies and traditional spit chicken and goat. 

“Chilia” Festival


The festival of Chilia is held in the area Chilia of the Municipality of Kechros, in early August each year. The festival includes wrestling matches and has an open air bazaar full of cultural events.


"Kurban Bayram"


The Kurban Bayram (feast of sacrifice) lasts four days and is celebrated 70 days after Seker Bajram. The first day the sacrifice of small animals (sheep - goats) takes place. The ¼ of the animal meat is shared to neighbours poor people and the other is cooked at home. In this celebration young people are gathered and dressed up in the evening. They usually make a fake camel, dress a groom, a bride with tabors and zournades and roam around the neighborhoods. They wish happiness and longevity to households and they treat them sweets and give them money. The custom of the so-called Camel is carried out with great participation of the residents in the Lykeio settlement. 

"Seker Bayram"


It is the first great religious festival of the year. It lasts three days in August as it is a moveable feast. The first day of the celebration the youth of the village banging drums accept a donation from the residents, make feasts and visit relatives. It is known as Seker Bayram, as it is associated with a reputed sweets like baklava and kantaifi prepared in every house. Τhese days a walk in the area will convince the visitor for the unique homemade sweets that locals generously treat.

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