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Unique natural products wait you to taste

The area is very rich in local products, many of which are perhaps unique. The mountainous areas of the Municipality produce excellent honey and high quality of aromatic plants like oregano and thyme as well as a multitude of beverages such as mountain tea, sage, balm and chamomile. In the mountainous areas, there is the native shrubby plant of krania. Krana are traditionally used for the preparation of beverages, jam and sweets. In all houses handmade kouskousia, trahana, spicy peppers and oatmeal are produced, whereas potatoes, beans and chickpeas are the best products of the mountainous area. 

In the bazaar held in the Fillira and Arriana settlements you can find a great variety of local products available from the producers themselves. Also traditional craftsmen build wooden decorative, ladles, crooks, baskets etc. 

Tobacco is one of the local products grown in the municipality. In the region the variety "basma" is mainly produced, which belongs to the aromatic tobaccos and is considered to be the best in the world. 


Our region ... a bridge of tastes

Unique Thracian tastes. Flavours influenced by the Byzantine, Ottoman and refugee past of our region blend in unique recipes that do not exist anywhere else in Greece and the Balkans. The local cuisine is the traditional Thracian. Characteristic are the soup, patties, pies and traditional pasta like cous cous, goufkades and trachanas. Famous dishes of the region are tzigerosarmas, chickpeas sauce with beef, goat or lamb with rice, meat with gioufkades. However the most important are the patties as Kampak bourek, oulasikli bourek and pies with rice, potatoes and meat. Concerning sweets, the gastronomy of the region includes: halva, ravani, baklava and various sweets with syrup. 

You can taste the traditional cuisine at the restaurants that exist in the Forest of Arriana, going to Iasi, in Fillira settlement as well as Dilina settlement. Also in the Arriana settlement you can buy traditional sweets from local bakeries. Almost all the settlements have small businesses such as grocery stores and coffee houses.

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