The Municipality

An authentic place

Our area, for those who do not know it, is located in the northeastern part of the Prefecture of Rodopi and is bordered in the south with the Municipality of Maroneias – Sapon, west with the Municipality of Komotini and east with the Municipalities of Soufli and Alexandroupolis of the Prefecture of Evros. In the north, the Municipality of Arriana is bordered with Bulgaria.
The Municipality of Arriana consists of four municipal units, former municipalities and communities that joined in Kallikrates. Each of them has its own specificity and its unique characteristics:

The Municipality of Filira is the administrative center of the Municipality in which almost all the services from the public and broader public sector take place. It constitutes the Municipality which borders with the large urban center of Komotini. It is 22 km away from the city of Komotini and 24 km from the roundabout Mesti-No39 Egnatia Odos, offering a relatively easy and quick access to the downtown area and from there to each side of our beautiful Municipality.

The Municipality of Arriana has an increased dynamic in the region. The settlements of Arriana and Lyceio are the two largest settlements in the area and collect the majority of the services offered to the citizens. Here the visitor can taste the local cuisine and drink a traditional Greek coffee with the unique blend of Rodopi.

The Municipalies of Organi and Kechros are purely mountainous regions and the majority of the population are engaged with livestock and rural crops. The visitor can meet the genuine Thracian traditional mountainous landscape, almost unchanged by time with friendly people to give a special and unique feeling to the visitor.

Almost the whole population is Muslims which makes the Municipality an area with peculiar cultural elements which are depicted both in the various events that take place and the daily activities. The multiculturalism of the Rodopi region as reflected in space and time allow the visitor to have a new experience, even in Greece many do not know that it exists.

The 92.9% of the employees of the Municipality of Arriana is activated on the primary sector. Livestock production is a traditional activity for the Municipality of Arriana and the majority of the livestock of the Municipality are sheep and cattle that exceed even 100,000. And for this reason the produced products have an original origin and unique taste. These products circulate mainly in the area of Rodopi and give a special touch of flavor to the visitor. 

In agriculture the tobacco cultivation dominates and specifically the rare variety of "Basmas", which is unique worldwide, and that is also another special feature of the area. Of particular interest is the mode of production and drying of tobacco leaves. In some cases, traditional methods are used that not found anywhere in Europe.

The Municipality extends to the largest part of the mountainous county and the population lives permanently in this area. It is mainly a mountainous region where the locals act in harmony with the unique natural landscape. An unknown area which is worth visiting. Finally, it maintains an unaltered image over the time with natural beauty and green landscapes full of vegetation.


By car
22 km from Komotini and 24 km from the roundabout Mesti-No39 Egnatia Odos

Alexandroupolis International Airport,Dimoktitos 
via Egnatia/A2/E90 - 66.3 km. 53' - Map

Alexandroupolis Port
via Egnatia/A2/E90 - 58 km. 50' - Map

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